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Filevine Case History

Think of an easy-to-use audit log for every case! Case History is an installable section in Filevine that allows you to track what matters most. Field Changes, Tasks Completed, Phases Changes, and more. Use the power of Filevine to easily search and filter for case changes, run reports, and track who did what!

Case History Graphic 2.png
  • Select which fields you would like to track. 

  • Every time a Case is modified the Case History will be updated.

  • Easily track Who, What, & When

All within Filevine!!

  • All of your case history is captured in Filevine so you never have to leave.

  • Utilize Filevine's powerful Filter and Reporting tools to find what you need!

Filevine Case History
  • Field Name

  • Old Value

  • New Value

  • Section Name

  • Edited By

  • Date/Time

Track Changes At The Case Level! 


Small (< 10 Filevine Users)




Setup Fee:
(Per Project Type)

Large (10+ Filevine Users)



Setup Fee:
(Per Project Type)


Eligible Field Types
  • Amount - Currency

  • Amount - Decimal

  • Amount - Number

  • Amount - Percent

  • Calculated Currency

  • Calculated Decimal

  • Calculated Number

  • Calculated Percentage

  • Dropdown List

  • Dropdown List (Multiple Choice)

  • Person

  • Text - Multiple Lines

  • Text - Single Line

  • Url

  • Date

  • Multi-Select List

  • Yes/No

  • Phase Change

  • Project Link

  • Case Number

  • Incident date

  • Text - Multiple Lines(large)

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