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ImmigrationAI! Filevine's newest offering hits the market!

According to the latest news release. Filevine, renowned as the leading immigration case management software in the market, has recently introduced a groundbreaking tool - ImmigrationAI. This cutting-edge software leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to empower law firms in optimizing their immigration operations and simplifying the intricate immigration application procedure for their valued clients. ImmigrationAI seamlessly integrates with Filevine's existing suite of AI tools, including AIFields and DemandsAI.

By harnessing the wealth of case data already stored within the Filevine system, ImmigrationAI excels in extracting vital data points from an array of documents such as licenses and passports. It further extends its capabilities by assisting in the meticulous completion of USCIS forms and providing real-time tracking of form statuses. With ImmigrationAI, immigration attorneys and their clients are presented with an array of advantages, including AI-driven document scanning and automated form population - features that are unique to Filevine. Additionally, the software offers comprehensive application support through a multilingual questionnaire available in over 170 languages and question guides that ensure the seamless completion of forms.

The conventional immigration paperwork filing process has long been recognized as intricate and time-consuming. However, ImmigrationAI by Filevine transforms this experience by simplifying the assembly of documentation, form completion, and progress monitoring. Filevine's AI-infused immigration functionality effectively streamlines the immigration journey by automating tasks, minimizing errors, and ensuring consistency in form submission. ImmigrationAI serves as the catalyst for automating the tedious, laborious aspects of the immigration process, granting immigration attorneys the capability to support more clients while simplifying the arduous journey for all parties involved. The Filevine Immigration License, including ImmigrationAI, will be available to all Filevine customers using Docs+. To request a demo of ImmigrationAI, visit

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